“Since I had no previous knowledge of American Indian music, I have approached the study of this beautiful flute of tradition as a classical flutist, and have elected to combine the influence from music of western societies with the flavoring of Native American styled ornamentations. My dedicated efforts have brought together many enthusiastic composers who have created a new repertoire for this unique flute”.
     --- James J. Pellerite

We invite EVERYONE to celebrate NEW music for the Native American flute!!!

James Pellerite Recordings

Some classical flutists have been drawn to the Native American Plains Flute, recognizing it as a distinctive musical instrument. Prominent in this group is James Pellerite, a distinguished flutist who has developed a classic repertoire for the NAPF which he performs with consummate skill, demonstrating a greatly expanded musical dimension to this simple instrument.”

 Dr. Richard W. Payne, Historian, Ethnomusicologist, Researcher, Flutemaker

James J. Pellerite, Native American Flute
Listen to this modern flutist who has carved his own path. He offers fresh, uncharted ideas on how to play contemporary music on the Native American flute.

Learn about his methodology of applied flute techniques --- follow this new direction in sound.
Be inspired by this musical mastery --- it stretches all boundaries.



Mr. Pellerite’s special editions of sheet music for the Native flute are available for easy purchase. CD’s are listed appropriately with our compositions that have been recorded.

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