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We are proud to present a new musical dimension ---------


As one of the leaders in the field of contemporary flute literature, we have commissioned composers to create works specifically for performance on the Native American Flute. They have been composed for, and edited by James J. Pellerite. This repertoire has introduced a new concept --- an outstandingly beautiful instrument of tradition can play contemporary music with no sense of boundary. We treat the Native flute as a NEW WOODWIND INSTRUMENT, and invite classical instrumentalists to join us for an exciting musical experience.

These beautiful compositions by an impressive roster of composers feature the Native flute in contemporary solo and chamber ensemble settings, with modern instruments as well as voice. They are intended for musicians at all levels of performance who have recognized this instrumentís enchanting tone quality and haunting expressivity.

Note: These compositions are published primarily for the G min. scale. However, many of the pieces for solo flute may be performed on flutes of different "basic tuning".

Determining and assigning GRADE LEVELS for our Publications

Solo Native American Flute

Native American Flute & Keyboard

Native American Flute in Chamber Music

Native American Flute & Orchestra

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