ZALO/ JP-PUBLICATIONS --- Catalogue for Native American Flute

For those playing the Boehm Flute

This repertoire, with its varied styles of recital pieces, possesses a unique character and would be equally suitable for the modern flute. In this complete catalogue of works for the Native flute numerous pieces have been recommended for performance on the modern flute. The compositions for flute with chamber ensemble, as well as those with orchestra are particularly appropriate since the flute parts are written as for a C instrument.

Please note, the complete scale of the typical Indian flute is an octave and a third (ex., low G on the staff, to Bb above the staff). Perhaps portions of our pieces for solo flute may be suitable for the alternative use of the upper range of the Boehm flute. Additionally, the player may wish to consider transposing the solos in their entirety for a more pleasing timbre that may result from an altered tonality. However, one must be musically discreet in all such situations.

The following list includes original pieces from our catalogue which already have been prepared for the modern flute. We are pleased to make these available.

Ray Friendly -- PRELUDE TO SILENCE, for solo flute    $6.00
(also w/chamber choir, see: NAF in chamber music)

Randall Snyder - PRISM, for solo flute (and optional piccolo)    $8.00
(see: NAF in Solo Native American Flute)

Joseph Turrin - DEDICATIONS, for flute & piano
(includes WINTER SKY , see NAF & Keyboard), also SONG FOR FLUTE,
(dedicated to Sir James Galway)    $9.50