ZALO/ JP-PUBLICATIONS --- Catalogue for Native American Flute

Note: These compositions are published primarily for the G min. scale. However, many of the pieces for solo flute may be performed on flutes of different "basic tuning".

FLUTE & GUITAR (or harpsichord)

Joseph Turrin -- Gr. 1, 2 –- JOYFUL RAIN, for flute & Guitar (or harpsichord)
   3’    $9.75

Capricious, playful, ornamental phrases are highly motivated by a rhythmic accompaniment; lyricism abounds in the flow of pentatonic expression.


Justin Rubin -- Gr. 3, 4 -– SUITE, for flute and guitar
   8’    $12.00

As with a duo sonata, each instrument is equal in emphasis and importance; movements are based on baroque forms but stylistically delve into chromatic and quartal harmony with shifting rhythmic patterns, adding a modern twist to traditions; recommended also for performance on modern flute.


Randall Snyder -- Gr. 2, 3 -- TRANSVERSE, for flute & modern flute
   7’    $10.75

Composed as a musical bridge, blending European, Asian and African traditional music with classical; Flow My Tears, an arrangement of John Dowland’s lament(17th cent.); each instrumental line is florid in its own technical world; Bengal Nights, a drone and raga alludes to Hindu music; intermittent cadenzas interrupt melodic and rhythmic patterns; Shona Song, inspired by the Mbira (a thumb piano) of the people from Central Africa; may be performed also by two modern flutes.

Ling-Yu Hsiao -- Gr. 1, 2 – MEMORIES for flute and modern flute

The composer states, Upon hearing the inspirational sound of the Native American flute, it immediately imparted a freedom of expression that enabled me to gather images of open fields, and impressions of being as one with nature. I heard the whispering of the wind, like a harmonic connection, revealing the flute's untold legends with moments of sorrow. New energies now would emerge. Contemporary flavors, as influenced by the sounds of the modern flute are expressed freely and the Native flute's colorful responses augment an attractive instrumental contrast.


Randall Snyder -- Gr. 2, 4 -- WINTER DREAMS, for flute & alto flute
   4’ 30"    $9.25

Poetic and introspective; piece suggests the memory of a half-remembered dream; flutes blend in an impressionistic mix of colors and dynamics; timbral differences are highlighted through unison passages and closely connected melodies; may be performed also by modern flute.


Justin Rubin -- Gr. 3, 4 -- BREATH OF LIFE
   6’ 30"    $11.75

As a tone poem for everyday experiences, associating sounds with images such as the mood evoked by the quietude of the sunrise, or impressions of beautifully shaped clouds, rather than relate a specific story; great contrasts using chromaticisms and elements of multiple tonalities are juxtaposed, with an improvisatory and aleatory final section; may be performed by two modern flutes, or violin with NAF.


Jay Vosk -- MONUMENT (see. Flute & Piano) (string parts available on request)


Randall Snyder -- Gr. 1, 3 -- JOURNEYS
   9’    (RENTAL ONLY)

Original version of the orchestral piece that has been recorded.


Marilyn Bliss -- Gr. 1, 2 -- BLUE DAWN
   4’    $10.50

Chordal gestures by the cello develop as pulsating and melodic elements; a simple melody in the flute is repeated throughout but transformed as variations; a short cadenza at the end of the movement resolves with elements of chromaticisms.


Marilyn Bliss -- Gr. 1 –- IT WAS THE WIND
   3’ 30"    (included in WIND SONGS, see: Solo Flute)

Flute and (female) voice intertwine, each lending characterizations of Native styles; flute discreetly adds to the attractive vocalization with traditional ornamentation.


Ray Friendly - PRELUDE TO SILENCE, flute & chamber choir
   (see: Solo Flute)    (In Preparation)

Justin Rubin – LONE FIGURES FLOATING, flute & six female voices,  (In Preparation)


Marilyn Bliss -- Gr. 1, 2 -- SPIRIT DANCE, for flute & maracas
   4’    $10.25

The movement is structured in the form of a gradual accelerando, increasing to a brilliantly spirited ending; characteristic rhythms favor the traditions of the flute.

David Patterson -- Gr. 1, 3 –- BEAVER MOON
   7’    $9.75

The piece celebrates the "full moon" of November (Beaver Moon); a variety of percussion instruments are utilized, lending a colorful support to the flute’s improvisational styles

Kazuo Tokito -- Gr. 1, 3 -- TWO FANTASIAS (a)
   9’    $11.25

Composer is Solo Piccolo of the Phila. Orch.; plays also Shakuhachi which inspired the Fantasia I, a solo for Native flute, simulating the Japanese styles, adding another dimension; 2nd is a dialogue with delicate percussion; final section, an Allegro with bongos, in the style of a perpetual motion.