ZALO/ JP-PUBLICATIONS --- Catalogue for Native American Flute

Note: These compositions are published primarily for the G min. scale. However, many of the pieces for solo flute may be performed on flutes of different "basic tuning".

c) – Recorded on a new CD by OPUS ONE RECORDS


David Yeagley -- Gr. 2, 4 -- CLOUDS OF AN EVENING SUN    (c)    9’    (see: Flute & Piano)
(Orchestral materials – Rental Only)


Richard Collins -- SPRING FLOWERS & LYRICAL EXPLORATIONS (see: Flute & Piano)
(Orchestral Materials – Rental Only)

Michael Mauldin -- Gr. 2, 4 -- DREAMS OF THE CHILD OF LIGHT    (c)    14’

The compoer’s inspiration, to use the the Native flute to express a spiritual depth of children everywhere, and honoring the Dalai Lama, thus a piece with a Tibetan theme; three movements expressed with vivid melodic expression; virtuosic writing with powerful lines repeated in an extensive cadenza.
(Orchestral Materials on Rental)

James J. Pellerite -- MOVIMENTI PREZIOSI (see: Flute & Piano)
(Orchestral Materials in preparation)

Randall Snyder -- Gr. 1, 3 -- JOURNEYS    (c)    14’ 40"

For complete string orchestra; five movements; an enlarged version of the work originally scored for flute and string trio; minimalist rhythms and modal harmony; varied styles of expression, from cadenzas to broadly sustained melodicisms in the flute; contrasting rhythmic elements in the strings; colorful harmonic differences created by dissonance in the strings, and pentatonic expression in the flute’s thematic structures.
(Orchestral Materials – Rental Only)


Hayg Boyadjian -- Gr. 3, 5 -- SEVAN    (c)    12’ 30"
(Orchestral Materials -- Rental Only)

For flute, string orchestra and tympani; strings play muted through most of the piece, lending a mystical peacefulness; this serves as a backdrop for the flute, and the tympani, with deep sonority, accentuates the musical landscape of "Sevan"; the work depicts the spiritual impressions of Lake Sevan and the surrounding mountains in Armenia; the Armenian pesants’ love for the dance has inspired a dance section that features the flute in a virtuosic display.

Justin Rubin -- Gr. 3, 4 -- VEILED ECHOES, flute, strings, harpsichord & percussion (In Preparation)

Mary Jeanne van Appledorn -- MUSIC OF ENCHANTMENT    (c)    (see: Flute & Piano)
(Orchestral Materials – Rental Only)